Become a volunteer

If you use any other e-mail address regularly, please put it here. This will help the SCA administration avoid situations in which they can\'t find any communication from you when they search for the first address you provided, because you were always e-mailing from the second one.
The year you are supposed to finish your degree. If you are not at uni, please write 0000
We are very unlikely to call you. Nonetheless we need your phone number if there\'s an emergency / there are last minute changes.
This will not necessarily affect your ability to volunteer with us.
In the UK there is possibility of being forbidden from working with children / vulnerable adults. Being on the Barred List is one of the criteria. In 2009 a Disqualification by association was introduced. In simple terms: if the applicant lives with someone who is disqualified, they are automatically disqualified themselves. Before applying for a job, they need to apply for an Exemption. If you are unsure about how to answer this, please contact us on or 01223 350 365

In projects where volunteers work with people who are particularly vulnerable, we have a duty to make every effort to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients.

We therefore need the names of TWO referees in positions of responsibility who have known you for at least one year and who we can write to for a character reference.

It is a very simple form and anyone with moderate English skills should be able to complete it without problems.

Suitable referees can include your tutor, former teachers, youth leaders, family friends, employers etc.

Referees CANNOT be a member of your family or peer group (your parent or flatmate is NOT a suitable referee!).

When you submit this form, the reference requests will be sent out automatically.

Data Protection Act note:
The data collected in this form will only be used by SCA.
It will allow us to improve our services and be in touch as and if necessary.
Your data will be kept until a year after you've graduated.
You can request a removal from the database anytime.
By submitting the form, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.